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We create bespoke CRM software solutions, order processing software, stock inventory solutions and support desk ticketing portal software in Derbyshire

CRM Software Area: Derbyshire

Do you still use spreadsheets and/or emails in Derbyshire to hold all your contacts and customer records and have trouble getting reports or getting information quickly or do you worry about data getting lost or data security? Whether you require a simple database to hold all your customers and contacts, or have more complex requirements such as creating quotes and purchase orders, I can help you. My aim is to make your business more efficient and handle your data more effectively cutting down on time and labour costs. This is achieved by having everything in one centralised and secure database where all data can be accessed instantly, real-time reports generated, marketing campaigns sent to customers and overall making your business operate far more efficiently.

I have been writing bespoke CRM software, e-commerce and business application software for over twenty years. I have been fortunate enough to work with some very prestigious companies, including Tommee Tippee baby products and Boots Plc, the high street store and West Pier Telecom, one of the largest and successful telecommunication companies in the UK, which works with the Ministry Of Defence. I do not offer "off-the-shelf" software. The software is fully bespoke to fit your requirements.

Miacloudtech provides cloud CRM software, order processing, stock inventory solutions and support desk ticketing portal software in Derbyshire and around the world. If you don't see software that you are looking for it is highly likely we can create it for you at a very reasonable price. Please contact us.

Do you still work with spreadsheets in Derbyshire or hold all your contact data in your email system? Do you calculate all your sales, costs and profit in spreadsheets? Do you create your quotes, purchase orders, sales orders, invoice documents manually in Microsoft Word? If you do then you will benefit from one centralised secure CRM database software in Derbyshire. Holding all your sales order information, purchase orders, customers, contacts, suppliers, stock inventory and more data in spreadsheets and/or emails and other disparate systems is very inefficient and can be costing your company in Derbyshire significant money and losing potential revenue, as well as being very insecure. Our CRM and order processing software in Derbyshire allows you to streamline your business processes, keep everything organised and in one place, and bulk export your invoices, created in our CRM software, into Sage accounting software at the touch of a button.

Data Security and GDPR

Data security is the most important consideration of all when adopting a new CRM solution in Derbyshire and with new GDPR regulations, which all companies in Derbyshire and the rest of the UK and Europe have to follow, no matter how small, it is more important than ever to ensure your data is secure and correctly stored. In order to store information about your contacts, whether it be in spreadsheets or paper form, or a secure CRM database, evidence needs to show that those contact records are allowed to be in your possession. They either need to have given consent or have a legitimate interest in your services. An electronic information trail, including date timestamping, needs to be evident to show your company has been in recent regular contact with the contacts, highlighting the legitimate interest. A good CRM software solution in Derbyshire can provide this. The CRM database software for your company in Derbyshire also needs to be very secure. Your company too, which accesses all electronic information, needs to be protected by good anti-virus and firewall, all part of GDPR regulations, to protect your data from falling into the wrong hands. Data stored in insecure systems such as Excel spreadsheets or emails are very easy to steal. The Miacloudtech CRM solution is entirely cloud-based and completely offsite, backed up daily with full protection and security.

Miacloudtech CRM is bespoke to your business.

Most CRM solutions on the market in Derbyshire are "off-the-shelf" products designed to "fit all" out of the box which can lead to limitations. Miacloudtech is designed and set up to meet all your requirements.

Unlimited users.

Most CRM companies will charge per user for licencing which means as your business grows your CRM costs will increase. Miacloudtech CRM charges a flat fee per month for unlimited users which means as your business grows in Derbyshire your CRM cost remains the same, and the cost per user decreases.

Transparent set-up and implementation costs

Many CRM companies serving customers in Derbyshire also do not advertise their hidden set-up and implementation costs. "implementation can require anywhere from $5,000 to well over $80,000," according to Ranger Louis on Quora, Salesforce implementation engineer. They also charge significant maintenance fees each year.

Miacloudtech charges a one-off set-up and implementation fee of £3000 for getting your CRM solution and database in Derbyshire live and ready to use. The set-up and implementation involves the lengthy but crucial task of cleaning and validating all source data and uploading each type of data into the correct areas of the database, setting up all fields in every page of the CRM so it is bespoke to what you require, for example drop down lists, alerting and workflow processes, documentation. Many open-source (free) CRMs in Derbyshire are a "vanilla" solution which require significant labour time, at great expense to the company, to set up and get ready for each individual company and can end up taking weeks or months to get right before it can go live. This applies also to "off-the-shelf" products. Again these are "vanilla" systems designed to "fit all" when in fact every company is unique and a "fit all" approach will not work. Many companies in Derbyshire often end up employing external consultants to come and set up their new CRM for them which can easily cost upwards of ten thousand pounds or even more depending on the size of your company and your requirements. This set up and implementation labour cost for an open-source or off-the-shelf CRM in Derbyshire is often overlooked and under-estimated when a new CRM solution in Derbyshire is adopted. This is why many CRM vendors choose not to publish or highlight the set-up and implementation costs involved. Miacloudtech aims to be transparent and as flexible as much as possible. Miacloudtech does not charge a maintenance fee each year. Miacloudtech does not charge a maintenance fee each year.

Benefits of CRM Software

The benefits of using CRM software in Derbyshire is it allows you to become far more efficient in running your business processes. Workflow with email and voice alerts can be set up highlighting when certain events have taken place or completed. Voice reminders can also be set up if certain tasks are not carried out. You can drive more sales with the ability to create marketing campaigns to reach more customers in Derbyshire, around the UK and rest of the world and cut costs dramatically by reducing the manual labour required to create lots of different documentation in your company. With our CRM and order processing solution in Derbyshire you simply create your quote and from then on all subsequent documentation, including purchase orders, sales orders, projects, invoices, credit notes and more is created at the touch of a button.

Your staff can have daily call back lists to work off where they can call customers and prospects in Derbyshire and rest of the UK and enter new call back dates so they can follow up with those customers at a later date. Customers are automatically added to their call back lists based on what their call back date is. Appointments can be created too which integrate with Microsoft Outlook Calendar. Customers can be called based on marketing campaigns where customers can be targeted by vertical markets or any other field stored against each prospect of customer. Mass mailers can be sent out directly from within the CRM without the need to purchase expensive third party software.

You can monitor your staff performance in real time by the use of full screen wallboard reporting in Derbyshire, with voice alert notifications highlighting when targets are not being met or the number of daily calls are not being met, as well as sales target progress and other useful reports. All reports are designed and laid out exactly according to the customer requirements. Everything is bespoke.

Miacloudtech also creates a bespoke stock inventory solution for customers in Derbyshire. You can book stock into your warehouse and associate all the costs against a sales order and despatch stock from your warehouse to your customers.

Support Desk Ticketing Portal Software

Miacloudtech can also create support desk ticketing portal software in Derbyshire, allowing customers to raise tickets when they have a fault and also give them visibility over their historical tickets and statistics. The software also provides your customers with a wallboard report showing statistics and provides your customer support staff with full page wallboards, alerting them when service level agreements are breached or when new tickets are raised or updated, allowing for faster more efficient handling of customer faults. Please contact us if you are interested in support desk ticketing portal software in Derbyshire. The support desk ticketing portal software can be supplied on its own or it can be integrated into your bespoke CRM software in Derbyshire.

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