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Cloud CRM Software Solution

Cloud CRM Software Solution

Do you currently store all your customers and contact data in spreadsheets, emails or separate disparate applications and are you able to get information quickly or do you worry about data security or data getting lost by accident? Miacloudtech offers a completely bespoke customer relationship management (CRM software) solution, located in the cloud, stored securely in one centralised database, allowing you to efficiently handle all your customers, contacts, leads, suppliers and opportunities all in one central secure industry-recognised database, making things far more efficient. You can access your CRM application on any device any where in the world with an internet connection. Marketing campaigns can be created within the CRM and mass mailers can be sent out directly from within the CRM without the need to purchase expensive third party mailing software. The CRM can be purchased on its own. Or you can add on an order processing allowing you to create quotes, purchase orders, sales orders, projects, credit notes and invoices against your customers and contacts. Or you can add on order processing and our stock management module, allowing you to book in stock inventory into your warehouse for a purchase order and despatch stock out to a customer for a sales order.

Miacloudtech CRM is bespoke to your business.

Most CRM solutions on the market are "off-the-shelf" products designed to "fit all" out of the box which can lead to limitations. Miacloudtech is designed and set up to meet all your requirements.

Unlimited users.

Most CRM companies will charge per user for licencing which means as your business grows your CRM costs will increase. Miacloudtech CRM charges a flat fee per month for unlimited users which means as your business grows your CRM cost remains the same, and the cost per user in real terms decreases.

Transparent set-up and implementation costs

Many CRM companies serving customers also do not advertise their hidden set-up and implementation costs. "implementation can require anywhere from $5,000 to well over $80,000" for the implementation according to Ranger Louis on Quora, Salesforce implementation engineer. They also charge significant maintenance fees each year.

Miacloudtech charges a one-off set up and implementation fee of 3000. This may seem like a lot of money especially when you are also paying a monthly fee too for the use of the CRM once it is live. This involves the lengthy but crucial task of cleaning and validating all source data and uploading each type of data into the correct areas of the database, setting up all fields in every page of the CRM so it is bespoke to what you require, for example drop down lists, alerting and workflow processes, documentation. Many open-source (free) CRMs are a "vanilla" solution which require significant labour time, at great expense to the company, to set up and get ready for each individual company and can end up taking weeks or months to get right before it can go live. This applies also to "off-the-shelf" products. Again these are "vanilla" systems designed to "fit all" when in fact every company is unique and a "fit all" approach will not work. Many companies often end up employing external consultants to come and set up their new CRM for them which can easily cost upwards of ten thousand pounds or even more depending on the size of your company and your requirements. This set up and implementation labour cost for an open-source or off-the-shelf CRM is often overlooked and under-estimated when a new CRM solution is adopted. This is why many CRM vendors choose not to publish or highlight the set-up and implementation costs involved. Miacloudtech aims to be transparent and as flexible as much as possible. Miacloudtech also does not charge a maintenance fee each year.

You can create and run mail campaigns for your marketing, send out mailshots to specific customers, and create mail campaign callback queues allowing your staff to call customers following the mailshots. Security levels can be applied for each member of staff or user. The CRM solution will allow you to provide an improved service to all your customers and contacts and allow you to create management reports, find and locate information quickly, and run marketing campaigns. The CRM includes workflow alerts (with voice alerts), real time reporting with the ability to drill down and see details of what totals are comprised of, real-time staff performance wallboards (with voice alerts when targets are not being met or exceeded) and much more. As mentioned, most CRM software companies charge on a per user license basis which can become very costly for a business as your company grows. Miacloudtech if flexible and can charge per user if you prefer this method, if you are a small business, or we can charge a flat fee per month for unlimited users, if you are a larger company with more users. Please contact me for CRM pricing.

Don't see what you need or have a question? Please email us on project@miacloudtech.com or please telephone on +44(0)7855 119135.

The CRM software solution can be further developed by integrating it with the order processing software solution and also our stock management software and stock inventory solution. This solution is bespoke and designed and built to meet your requirements. Please contact us.

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