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Stock Management Software

Stock Management Software

The stock control and inventory solution is a bolt-on add-on module to the CRM software and the order processing software.

Our stock inventory software allows you to book stock into your warehouse and despatch stock for customers, perform stock takes and keep an accurate record of your stock costs. Combined with our order processing software solution will allow you to link stock against sales orders and despatch stock out of your warehouse when required. Your stock costs would automatically adjust when stock is booked in or booked out. The aim of our software is to allow you to keep easy control of your stock inventory in your warehouse.

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Stock levels are updated automatically each time a sales order is created or a purchase order is received. It is designed to improve efficiency in the warehouse and reduce manual data entry by automating processes, and also allows important stock data reports to be generated. Documentation can be created as necessary including commercial invoicing, despatch notes and stock allocation forms. This solution is bespoke and designed and built to meet your requirements.

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