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Database Application Development

Database Application Development

All database development solutions are built using the commercially recognised, reliable, secure and robust Microsoft SQL Server and located in the cloud. We offer the following database application solutions: customer relationship management (CRM software), order processing software, stock management software and support desk ticketing portal software. We also build custom bespoke database applications to suit your requirements. Please contact us with your requirements.

Our Solutions:

CRM Software
Securely store all your contacts and customers and do marketing campaigns

Order Processing Software
Create quotes, purchase orders, and invoicing

Stock Management Software
Manage and maintain all your stock inventory

Support Desk Ticketing Portal Software
Allow your customers to raise support tickets and your staff to respond. Customers can see their history and get a wallboard report showing statistics. Your staff get a full range of wallboard reports.

You can choose a CRM software solution on its own. Or you can choose to have the CRM software PLUS order processing software. Or you can choose to have the CRM software PLUS order processing software PLUS stock management software.

Support Desk Ticketing Portal Software

Miacloudtech develops custom service / support desk ticketing portal software The support desk ticketing portal software can be implemented on its own or it can be integrated into your bespoke CRM software.

With our bespoke cloud database applications you can capture and securely store all your data in one central database and easily access it when and where you want, access it on multple devices, and allow you to run management reports, or run marketing campaigns for your customers via the CRM module to drive your sales. Marketing campaigns can be created within the CRM and mass mailers can be sent out directly from within the CRM without the need to purchase expensive third party mailing software. Or you may wish to have a customer relationship management (CRM) system integrated with your order processing and possibly stock inventory, so you can create quotes, purchase orders and invoices for customers (invoices can then be exported in bulk and then imported into your existing separate accounting system, all at the touch of a button). As well as this you can link all of your order processing with your stock inventory. You can book stock into your warehouse and despatch stock against purchase orders and sales orders. Stock is tracked by serial numbers. If stock is returned it can easily be tracked. Stock is booked in and out of a warehouse using simple bluetooth Gryphon barcode scanners (not included with solution but can be sourced at an extra cost).

As well as the data being stored securely all your data is also encrypted for added extra protection. The database and web applications we develop will allow you to automate your business processes, reduce manual labour, increase your productivity, reach more customers, increase sales and ultimately significantly reduce costs.

Don't see what you need or have a question? If you have a particular database development requirement please email us on project@miacloudtech.com or please telephone on +44(0)7855 119135.

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