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Support Desk Ticketing Portal Software

Support Desk Ticketing Portal Software

Miacloudtech offers a bespoke support desk ticketing portal helpdesk software solution, allowing your customers and staff to create tickets when they have an enquiry or issue and also give them visibility over their historical tickets and information via a summary wallboard report. The software provides your support staff with full page real-time wallboards, alerting them vocally when service level agreements are breached or when new tickets are raised or updated, or when a member of staff is hitting certain targets (for example which member of staff has handled the most customer queries in the day) allowing for faster more efficient management of customer queries or faults. Wallboards can be tailored to your requirements. Your staff can assign tickets to another member of staff if required at any time. Ticket communication can be optionally hidden from a customer if staff wish to discuss the ticket.

Every ticket has a running stop clock behind the scenes to measure the lifetime of each ticket and how long a customer ticket takes to be resolved. Tickets can be put on "hold" at any time when your staff are waiting for the customer to respond or waiting for a third party, and the clock is resumed automatically when a customer responds to the ticket. Response time is also recorded behind the scenes. Ticket resolution time and response times are all shown in your wallboard reporting, along with other statistics. Customers can also see their statistics in the summary wallboard report.

Please contact us if you are interested in support desk ticketing portal software. The support desk ticketing portal software can be implemented on its own or it can be integrated into your bespoke Miacloudtech CRM software.

Don't see what you need or have a question? Please email us on project@miacloudtech.com or please telephone on +44(0)7855 119135.

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