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Logo Design Services

Logo Design Services

How Much Does A Logo Design Cost?

1 Bespoke Logo £99
(one logo is included for free with all web design packages)

Miacloudtech can improve your company's presence online by creating you a bespoke logo design branded to represent your business and services. A custom logo is included for free with all web design packages but if you do not require web design and only want to purchase a logo on its own I can certainly help you. Each custom logo design I create is a set price of 99. Why is a logo important? It represents your business. It allows your customers to recognise your company and give your company a unique and professional presence both online and on any vans or signs. I have over twenty years' experience designing and developing bespoke and unique logo designs. I have passionately worked on IT projects with prestigious companies including a UK-leading telecoms company, which works with the Ministry Of Defence, and the baby product company Tommee Tippee, Cotton Bottoms, a leading UK pioneer of eco-friendly nappies and also lead a project with the major high street retailer Boots Plc.

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