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Website Design Services

Website Design Services

Small 1 to 3 Page Website £399

Medium 4 to 8 Page Website £799

Large 9 to 15 Page Website £1499

What Is Included?

You get the following with each web design package:

  • Free domain name registration for first year. Cost is £15 per year thereafter.
  • Free website hosting for first year. Cost is £60 per year thereafter.
  • Optimising the website code and content for SEO.
  • Free logo design.
  • SSL security ('https' in your web address) for added protection for your customers.
  • Up to 5 professional email addresses with your domain name.
  • Each website is designed to be responsive meaning the layout will be compatible and viewable on very small mobile devices through to big screen monitors.
  • Free Jquery animation if required.
  • Google Analytics website performance and visitor statistics. This is provided free by Google. I will setup and integrate it into your website.
  • Delivery of completed website usually takes less than one week for a "small" website and up to two to three weeks for a "medium" website. For "large" websites the completion time depends on number of pages and complexity of functionality required. Typically though a large website will take no more than three to four weeks to be delivered. The "small" website is ideal for start-ups and clients wishing to get online quickly.
  • Miacloudtech will set up an initial account for you on Google Maps, Twitter, and Blogger.com (if you do not own either of these). Instagram and Facebook must be initially created by client due to Facebook security restrictions.
  • Everything is regularly backed up for peace of mind.
  • Everything is owned by you including the domain name.

Miacloudtech can improve your website design, increase your search engine ranking, attract more customers and lead to you getting more sales or conversions. Contact us today!

We have over twenty years' experience designing and developing artistic unique websites and databases, including the design, logo, branding and marketing, achieving top position in Google with search engine optimisation, through to the complete software architecture designing and developing three-tier web and backend Microsoft SQL Server databases for web and cloud business applications. Miacloudtech's founder has lead IT projects with prominent companies including the baby product company Tommee Tippee, Cotton Bottoms, a leading UK pioneer of eco-friendly nappies, a UK-leading telecoms company, which works with the Government and also lead a project with the major high street retailer Boots Plc.

Are you a web designer but need a web developer to create some backend website functionality? Please let us know because we can help you with any backend database functionality, e-commerce or database work. We are happy to partner up with you on any of your future projects.

What does the client need to do:

  • Please provide me with all text content for your website. I can assist with the content writing if required.
  • Please let me know what pages you require (eg. "home", "contact us", and "services" pages) and what text is to go on each page.
  • Please provide me with any images you would like on your website, such as your company logo if you have one.
  • Please tell me what people are likely to type into Google to find your new website?
  • And if possible, please let me know one or two example websites you like the look of and wish your new website to be similar to.
  • Please let me know what contact email addresses you require. I can create up to 5 professional emails for your new website, such as john.brown@new-website.com, where "new-website.com" would for example represent the web address (eg. https://www.new-website.com) of your new website, so your emails match your website address. I can set your new emails to forward to personal email boxes too if required.

Don't see what you need or have a question? Please email us on project@miacloudtech.com or please telephone on +44(0)7855 119135.

Search Engine Optimisation

All websites designed by Miacloudtech are designed to be thoroughly optimised for the Google search engine, including all website coding and content and initial backlinks added to external sites. This is included for free with each website design package. Our SEO service can also be applied to your existing site. Please see our search engine optimisation page for more details.

Logo Design

All website packages can include logo design if necessary. This is included for free with each website design package. Logos can also be created separately for clients. Price for separate logo design service is 99 for one bespoke logo.

Website Animation

Basic Jquery rotating/changing background image functionality can be applied to websites if required to improve and enhance the look and feel of the website. This is included for free with each website design package. An example of Jquery changing background images functionality can be seen in the header section of our website at the top of the page. It is not recommended to show different text (for example offers) on each changing background image because research has shown websites will not retain visitors' attention long enough to see all the messages. Only the messages on the first background will be read but any text on subsequent backgrounds will be missed. In Miacloudtech's example the text remains the same but the background images are animated and change applying an enhanced effect while still allowing a visitor to read the text.

The website animation service can also be offered separately to clients to enhance existing websites or intranets. Price for the separate animation service is 50/hour.

Social Media Integration

Miacloudtech will set up an initial account with Twitter, Google Maps and Blogger.com (formerly known as Eblogger) and create one post on each with at least one clickable backlink back to your website. This is included for free with each website design package. Having backlinks to your website is a crucial part of increasing your search engine ranking. I am unable to set up Instagram or Facebook business pages on a client's behalf due to security restrictions imposed by these two social media sites. However I recommend the client sets up a page on each of these two social media sites to complement the search engine optimisation I carry out as part of a web design package.

Miacloudtech can also additionaly create and integrate a Twitter (RSS) feed widget into your website and place it on one of your pages on your website at an additional cost to the website packages above. Widgets can also be created on other social media sites and placed in your website. If you require this service please contact us with your requirements and we will provide a price.

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